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Student and professor looking at research findings

Redefining Science

As a science student at IUPUI, you'll join a community that understands (and celebrates) geeking out over solving a complicated chemistry problem or learning the latest computer language. The habits developed through the study of science are ones that will serve you for a lifetime - no matter where your degree takes you.

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IUPUI biologist awarded a National Geographic Society grant to research flies as ‘environmental drones'

INDIANAPOLIS - A single bug could a messenger for researchers who are studying changing animal populations in a region, according to IUPUI biologist Christine Picard. Picard is studying how blow flies can be 'environmental drones' as the flies...

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The Programs You Want

Students in the Purdue School of Science at IUPUI have a head start on life. Scientific research requires not only evidence and logic, but also honesty, creativity, patience, and openness to new ideas. The problem-solving and reasoning skills you develop, as well as an increased understanding of science, will provide a great foundation for approaching any type of work and engaging your community.

School of Science Commencement Ceremony 2019

The School of Science invites graduating students and their guests to a School of Science Commencement Ceremony, which will follow the University ceremony. All students are individually recognized as they cross the stage. M.S. and Ph.D. students will be hooded at the School of Science ceremony by the student's academic department chairperson or faculty advisor/mentor.

Location: Indiana Convention Center Hall F

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